If you’ve known me for even a short time you will know that i love to produce content.

Of all shapes and forms, ranging from blog posts or articles or conversations dealing with race or faith or poverty or treatment of women…

To my own attempts at Jack Handey Deep Thort humour or some of my video alter egos such as Brad Fish and his series of ‘Dangerous Things You Can Last Expect’ videos or the more recent Erik [with a k!] who has a suspect German accent and likes to shout your favourite poems at you.

If you’ve been around for a really long time then you might even be someone who still receives a mostly weekly phonetically named ‘Thort for the Week’ message [which has been going out for something like 24 years and so something like 1100 plus TFTW messages exist. Truth magazine might also be something in your distant past and the memory of paging to the last page to see what ‘Out of the Fishbowl’ would produce.

Content to make you laugh and think and get angry and be challenged and wrestle and make you want to write me a rage-filled response or call me things or unfriend me or even worse, want to have coffee with me…

i don’t suspect that is going to change any time soon. But along the way there have been some people who have asked how they can help me do the work i do better and more frequently while not needing to go and live on the street or anything drastic like that.

And now there is a way. i have created a page on a platform called Patreon where people who value the work that i do and have some money to contribute towards me doing that more frequently and hopefully more effective, can now do so.

If you feel like that might be you, please go and take a look.


There are some cool goals and rewards and fun things we can do together as that community grows…

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