Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – Part The Cooler Side of Chemo

Continuing to share some of the stories from the archives of Aaron Fullerton to be found in full on his blog, 'Aaron Laughs With Cancer', and in this one Aaron takes some time during the chemo, to mention some things he is appreciative of during what is a tough and scary journey: THE COOLER SIDE OF CHEMO I’m typing with my left hand because my right is hooked up to an IV that’s pumping me [...]

Taboo Topics: Cancer – Meet Wendy and Xylon van Eyck

I don’t know about you but growing up I believed that old people and other people got cancer. My gran passed away from cancer when I was in my early teens. So I knew cancer existed. I just didn’t think that cancer would be part of the story of someone young, or of someone I love. I guess that’s the first thing I’ve learnt about cancer. It doesn’t discriminate. It will attack rich or poor, [...]

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