Loving your woman [or man] better and/or the art of marriage

so i know my latest blog series on Taboo Topics has been difficult for a number of people to read, both those having gone through it and also those who are on the way to having their first child... i do think they are extremely valuable for those people the are meant for though and so will continue to post them but in the meantime for everyone else [and also those people] i thort it [...]

i kissed dating, part how far is too far? [part I]

Belgium. i would say that Belgium is probably TOO FAR. Unless you're in Holland, cos then it's just like down the road or something... But in our recent history or being asked to speak or lead workshops on relationships, THE ONE QUESTION that the beautiful val and i GET ASKED WITHOUT FAIL is this one: HOW FAR IS TOO FAR? And the answer is very simple. ASK A BETTER QUESTION! Because with 'How far is [...]

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marriage to the right person – highly recommendable

so in exactly one week's time i will have been married to the beautiful Val for exactly one year - and what a year it's been! as i say often to people - 'marriage is highly recommended... to the right person!' and the 'to the right person' bit is the key - not cos i believe in any kind of God-brings-this-person-and-that-person-together necessarily or that i believe that there is only one 'the one' as opposed [...]

rowing the mance

i find loving my wife very easy. and i’m not just talking about the flutter flutter feeling “ooh i luv my wife” but love in action i would like to imagine everyone loves their wife as well as i do but i’m sure a lot of people don’t. and i’m not talking from an arrogant point of “ooh look at me, look at how well i love my wife” but just a day to day [...]

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