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Some more thoughts on #BlackMonday and #AllDeathsMatter

Yesterday i shared a whole bunch of thoughts - mine and others - about the concept of #BlackMonday and wearing black to honour the lives of farmers who have died. Two statuses i added later in the day, which many may not have seen, but which i think sum up some of my thoughts on the matter were this one: People who have been murdered on farms is heart-breaking and horrific and i imagine that [...]

40ish Days of Lent: Day 26

DAY 26 Today has been a really hard day for me for two reasons. One has been physical and one has been mental/emotional/spiritual. Physically i have had a huge splitting headache for most of the day and that is not normal for me, nor has it been fun. Mentally/emotionally/spiritually today was probably my worst day on Facebook [and maybe being in pain already didn't help] as i got into an exchange with two people professing [...]


"i believe Lord, help me overcome my unbelief." [Mark 9.24] a verse i am really drawn to in the Bible that falls nicely alongside my life themesong of 'there must be more than this' - the knowledge that God can do it, but will He choose to...? and the other day, altho it's not very CC (Christianly Correct) as i lay with my wife crying out in immense pain with the hugest of mammoth headaches [...]

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