Why I deny the resurrection.

Yesterday, i wrote a piece about how important the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to my beliefs and the way i live my life. But at St Johns yesterday, Benjamin the Priest read this passage from edgy theologian Pete Rollins talking about why he denies the Resurrection... And i have to say, i wholeheartedly agree... At one point in the proceedings someone asked if my theoretical position led me to denying the Resurrection of Christ. [...]

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‘i, church’ – Let’s hear from from Steve Graybill

My good friend Steve Graybill from Americaland, who has written for my blog before both on his strength weakness [which he identified, ironically enough, as a thirst for knowledge] and also on Sex in Marriage recently bought a copy of my book, 'i, church' on Amazon. He had some questions and thoughts which he shared with me via email and i asked him if he would write them into a post so that we could get more people [...]

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