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Imagine with me a world that is not [yet]

i am busy reading a book called 'The Prophetic Imagination' for my Leadership in Urban Transformation studies course and this passage jumped out at me: 'The prophet is the one, who, by use of these tools of hope, contradicts the presumed world of the kings, showing both that that presumed world does not square with the facts and that we have been taught a lie and have believed it because the people with the hardware [...]

Blessed are the prophetic, for they will be…

...confused, mostly. i have never had the sense that God wanted me to strip naked and wander around in public [Isaiah 20] [although to be fair that didn't stop me from getting accused of doing just that when i was doing my YWAM DTS in Holland in 2001] i have also not felt like God was telling me to hide my underwear in a cleft of a rock for a long time before retrieving it [...]

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What prophets? A man. If he gains the whole world, he loses his soul.

i have a gift. i call it the gift of small audience. There was a time in Cape Town a few years ago when i was one of the 5 or 6 speakers youth groups and Christian school groups would call on for talks and camps and it felt really good - like i had huge opportunity to make a difference - to impact hundreds of young people across Cape Town and beyond as the [...]

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Mark, my words: a prophet in his own town [a look at potential]

this passage is a semi well-known one where Jesus speaks about a prophet in their own town not being welcomed or recognised - i decided to take a look at the aspect of potential which i saw hidden in here... Join me as i look at Mark chapter 6 verse 1 to 5 [to continue to the next passage where Jesus sends the disciples out to try the stuff, click here]