Taboo Topics: Transracial Adoption – Meet Adin and Rita Walls

Adin and Rita with the beautiful Alou This blog post is based on a status update I made recently on Facebook. I have adapted it for this blog. Thanks, Brett, for giving me a place to share my voice on this topic. Over the years I have been quite active with blogging, sharing my colourful thoughts about everything from the opening act at the U2 concert to my opinion on Apple vs Android. [...]

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Taboo Topics: Transracial Adoption – Meet Abi and Babygirl

I never fully realised what an impact one little girl could have on a community, just by being herself. Adoption has always been on my heart. I can remember asking my parents, repeatedly, for years, for a baby sister for Christmas. Preferably adopted. It’s obviously something that I’m meant to be involved in. I got my baby sister when I was thirteen. And then a baby brother when I was nineteen. And there have been [...]

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