so mister John of Ellis (formerly of 63 Trees) what i want to know is…

so it seems like people continue to have an interest in the john ellis... um i'm not sure it's a saga, i think you need three movies for that, but new direction-taking-focus-ment? anyways i said to john, "hey john, people have questions" and john said to me "ask me those questions" so i said "Okay, but i just don't have them yet" and so this is where you come in... if you have a question [...]

getting back in the fire

used this analogy at youth group i spoke at on Friday - amazing bunch of young people in the lesser known place of Factreton - and then completely convicted during worship singing time in church yesterday morning about how not there i am - making amends this week... log in the middle of a fire - burns solidly, adds to warmth and function of fire log on edge of fire - still burning but maybe [...]

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appear-ignore-ance vs being

it struck me this week like an intentionally mischievous bolt of lightning with a chip on its shoulder - following two or three different incidences between me/tbV and other people - that people, for the most part, would much rather appear right than be right. and it blows my mind i think mostly because i hunger to be right. i am passionate about real. not fake. not masked. not appearance. but reality. and truth. and [...]

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