“How can i be a good ally?”

Well one of the ways is to definitely do some work. Read, research, listen, watch, don’t expect people [especially black people] to spoonfeed you all the answers.

But i did come across this which was created for Americaland but has some strongly helpful overlaps for our present situation and context.

This is from a list put together by an activism camp called ‘Localise This’ and it’s a list of 8 commitments for White Allies.

You can see the original flier it was adapted from here.

Take a read through and reflect on which one you need to work at?

[1] I commit to reflect on topics that may be uncomfortable. 

[2] I commit to promote cooperation over self-interest.

[3] I commit to recognize the concerns of people different from me.

[4] I commit to educate myself on issues that contribute to oppression.

[5] Even though I may unintentionally say or do something racist, I commit to view mistakes as opportunities for learning.

[6] When challenged on racism, I commit to working on my own defensiveness by calmly listening even if that is not my first reaction.

[7] I commit to including the interests of oppressed groups while making decisions that affect them.

[8] I commit to disrupt the status quo in order to share power and privilege with all people.


Which one of these felt particularly helpful for you? Can you add a way that you have found works in terms of helping you to be a better ally?

Is there anyone you know that this would be particularly helpful for?