i wanted to create a video version of much of what is blogged about on here in terms of Race and particularly South Africa. Not because i know it all, but because i have learned and am learning some stuff and want to share it with others who might be needing to learn.

The title ‘Race with me’ is a multi-layered name that simply invites you to engage with issues of race with me, while at the same time realising this is a journey – a race, so to speak – and one we should be doing together.

Come Race with me…

Episode 1: When have we done enough?

Episode 2: White Privilege – Intro

Episode 3: White Privilege – 3 analogy/story vibes that help explain what we mean by this

Episode 4: White Guilt? Is it a thing?

Episode 5: The voice in my head – who do you invite to inform you about history, life and more from different perspectives?

The hope is that this will be a catalyst for deeper conversation – agree or disagree but take what you think and engage with people you know – around dinner tables and water coolers. Around braais and over a drink. Share it with a friend and ask what they think and then take it from there.

i hope you enjoy these and find them helpful and please feel free to share or tag people who you think the messages might be helpful for.

Let me know what you think…

love brett fish