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When switching from my old website to my new one, not everything made the jump and so i am creating this as a base page to stick helpful links about Bible-related things that will hopefully prove to be helpful resoources for you. So far i have worked through the Psalms in a series i called 'Psalmthings', and then i did short video blogs through the book of Mark in a series called 'Mark: My words' and [...]

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psalmthing to chew on: psalm 56

what an incredible psalm. we know it was 'To the tune of “A Dove on Distant Oaks” which makes me wonder what type of genre song that was? is this David at his hip hop best? the title does have more of a country feel to it, or maybe a rock ballad? who knows, but it makes for interesting speculation. we also know this psalm is from 'when the Philistines seized him in Gath' so [...]

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Mark, my words: The feeding of a crowd with no, or little, food.

When trying to feed a big gathering of people, it is normally essential that you plan way in advance and consider things like seating, table settings, courses of food, what time the function will start, who has been invited and the like... Jesus decides to skip all that by throwing an impromptu crowd feeding... did i mention that He attempts this without food? [Don't worry, He passes the buck to His disciples - "You feed [...]

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Mark, my words: John loses his head

Rule number 1 when trying to keep your head attached to your body - don't piss off the king. More importantly, do not piss him off directly to his face by telling him exactly how you think he is publically sinning. If you do happen to inadvertently do that, be sure to be interesting enough when talking about God and life and the kingdom that he will keep you around out of curiosity and actually [...]

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Mark, my words: a prophet in his own town [a look at potential]

this passage is a semi well-known one where Jesus speaks about a prophet in their own town not being welcomed or recognised - i decided to take a look at the aspect of potential which i saw hidden in here... Join me as i look at Mark chapter 6 verse 1 to 5 [to continue to the next passage where Jesus sends the disciples out to try the stuff, click here]

Mark, my words: A dead girl and a bleeding woman.

the journey through the book of Mark continues and this next passage is a little longer but contains two powerful stories and i am just going to pull one or two points out of them. they illustrate one of the most powerful lessons tbV and i learnt from our time with the Simple Way - namely that of making space for the interruption. join me as i look at Mark chapter 5 vs 21 to [...]

Mark, my words: Jesus freeing the demon possessed man.

What i chose to focus on in this story that we have heard a lot of different preaching on, is the aspect of Jesus working out of the box in a sense and challenging the way things work and also a closer look at the response of people to God pitching up in a very clear way which both amazes and terrifies. Mark chapter 5 verse 1 to 20. The question we are left with [...]

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Mark, my words: Secret Kingdom growth.

"the kingdom of heaven is like..." and so Jesus begins two more stories both mesmerising and confusing his audience, but definitely giving them something to think about... and these are some of the simple thoughts i had as i looked at these two brief parables found in the next section of Mark... Take a look with me at Mark chapter 4 verse 26-34. these parables of the kingdom help remind us to be filled with [...]

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Mark, my words: Of light and measures.

Continuing through the book of Mark we now get to chapter four verse 21 to 25 where Jesus has some clear instruction for us on where we should be holding the light we possess and what a kingdom way of using measures is. Take a look with me at Mark 4.21-25 to continue to the next passage and read about the secret Kingdom growth, click here.

Mark, my words: what kind of soil are you?

In Mark 4 verse 1 to 20 Jesus tells the parable of the sower and the seed that confuses His disciples so much that He has to sit with them later and explain it a little more clearly to them - and even today it seems we have different ideas of what He was saying or what He could be meaning so i guess it makes sense to wrestle with it and see what makes [...]

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