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Join me and give up ____ in 2018

A long time ago - in this galaxy -  gave up Coke [the drink] and chocolate for a year. Before that i used to drink about 500ml Coke every 2 or 3 days, and me and chocolate! The Coke was quite easy and after that year i found that i had developed an anti-taste for Coke and even today rarely drink it, except perhaps after a sporting event or at a party if there is [...]

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psalmthing to chew on: psalm 17

my housemate Monkman [aka Aaron Condon] and i are trying to set aside a meal to fast and pray together every week and this week on Thursday we sat on the floor in the office and read through psalm 17 which was the next one i was going to look at. and when we finished we read through psalm 18. and then 19. and it was so refreshing just reading a bunch of psalms together [...]

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Fasting Morons

Pearls before Swine is my favourite cartoon being drawn today - i REALLY loved [and related to] this one - you can see more and subscribe to the daily cartoons here   [And if you enjoyed that then you will most likely enjoy what I think is one of the funniest-because-it-is-pretty-much-absolutely-true 'est cartoons on R.E.M. song lyrics]

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