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Water we going to do

'Scientists have calculated that we would actually save more water by forgoing one pound of beef, or four hamburgers, than by not showering for at least six months.' How about sitting with that one for a moment? Especially if you live in Cape Town where we have just about hit level 4 Water restrictions... What's that you say? With around 11% of drinkable water left in our dams and the rain forecasts not looking to [...]

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Pretty Frys for a white guy: Teriyaki Prawn Stir Fry

A little while ago i wrote about a breakfast meeting i had with Brett [great name] from Frys. He gave me a bunch of their products and i said i'd attempt to cook some up and blog about the experience and invited a bunch of people to join me. While i didn't quite get up to speed with inviting people cos life is so rush-rush busy, tbV and i decided last night to try out [...]

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I ate vegan and live to tell the tale.

A couple of weeks ago tbV and i were invited to a vegan function with Frys. It took place last night at the stunning ginger & lime kitchen and so at 6.30pm we nervously approached what, to be honest, we were not super excited about... the prospect of free food when it's vegan is like saying to me: Hey Brett, have a cookie - it has raiSINs in... We had also sampled the Fry's veg patties once before [...]