Good Friday: a reflection

A Good Friday reflection: A call to remain and lean into the pain that Good Friday speaks of before rushing too quickly to the joy of Resurrection Sunday. Because the pain is where too many people find themselves in the world and it is into that story that God reaches. Even Jesus, when confronted with a violent death asks if there is not another way. But then chooses to follow the path of pain & [...]

The Good[est] Friday

Tomorrow is Good Friday, for those of us who observe that. Or at least i think it is. Last week i misread my google calendar and announced it was Easter last weekend but then my friends and family quickly bought me another week. It's been really hard to stay up to date with days during lockdown. But i think we are on a Thursday. i had some thoughts about Good Friday last night and [...]

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What’s Good about this Friday?

This is the day when we remember a significant death. And how it changed the world. i began today, celebrating the start of the Easter weekend, watching the dvd from my best mate Rob Lloyd's funeral - a collage of photos and some video set to music... it's been just four months and i miss my friend so much. His death was significant and it changed my world. There is a Rob-shaped gap that remains [...]

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A Good Day To Die

When Jesus walked the earth, He called many people to follow Him. And the crowds showed up. He spoke Truth and Life. He reached out to those at the margins, which in His day included women and children, Samaritans [the foreigner], the diseased and more... He performed miracles... He saved lives people were wanting to kill and He even raised some people from the dead. And the crowds cheered and pushed to get closer to [...]

easter for dummies – part 1 – the problem

so for anyone out there not familiar with the Christian faith, this is what this holiday is all about in the shell of a nut: # mankind is sinful - this is a pretty easy one to verify - read a newspaper, watch the news, hang out with yourself for a 24 hour period or anyone else that you like or specifically some people you don't - you don't need test tubes in a lab [...]

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