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Taboo Topics: Parents of young children – Meet Geraldine Walsh

i am so grateful to my friend Geraldine Walsh, who recently joined the @AFrikkinHashtag Hashtagging team on Twittter for sharing such a vulnerable story about her time as a new mom as well as letting me link this to her post on post-natal depression. Make sure that you sign up to follow her blog after reading this: Today is B’s birthday. Instead of it being a lovely family day with nice surprises for [...]

psalmthing to chew on: psalm 32 [Guest Post]

i recently asked a bunch of my friends if they would consider guest posting a 'psalmthing to chew on' and some of them have taken up the challenge/offer and the first of them is my buddy Liam who really got into the psalm... [good thing we kept him away from 119] - so read his thoughts and feel free to add some of your own: Choice thoughts/musings: Verse 1: How scary is it that we [...]

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