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Dear South Africa… ‘n brief van Jana Niehaus

Liewe Afrikanermense in Suid-Afrika, Ek het nou onlangs terug gedink aan ons laerskoolklas wat elke Vrydag na tweede pouse vir twee periodes (met ander woorde ’n volle uur lank) sangklas gehad het. Gegewe die spesifieke uitdagings hieraan verbonde, kan ‘n mens dus nie ons musiekonderwyseres kwalik neem dat sy dikwels gekies het om ons na stories op langspeelplate te laat luister in plaas daarvan om ons aan die sing te probeer kry nie… Die enigste [...]

The Justice Conference: The Quotes [Part II]

In part I i shared some thoughts from The Justice Conference from René August, Sivuyile Kotela and Craig Stewart and here are some other notes and thoughts i was able to take down: Afrika Mhlope had this to say: We have to break this entrenched idea that this is white man's religion. We've got a lot of work to do. He also encouraged us to check out the Black pain White Guilt video on you Tube. There is [...]

Breaking Bread with Jana: Relocation

Recently it was my pleasure to connect with Jana and Ampie Niehaus from Durban who recently felt like a certain geographical move was on the cards for them. i engaged with Jana on a series of ten back and forth emails in which we tried to keep it to about 100 words a comment. It was really great to get a bit of an understanding of why they are making the move and what the [...]