The City of Cape Town and the DA that works for no, not you…

It's the end of the DA as we know it [or is it a realisation of the DA as they have always been?] i don't tend to write overtly political posts on here. Well, a lot of what i write is political but i mean with regards to specific political parties. But somehow that has changed during lockdown.  It started with a post about a story i heard about when a crowd of homeless [...]

Blessed are DA homeless… until we step on them!

This has been a week of two stories when it comes to the homeless people of Cape Town or those who tend to live on the streets. Earlier this week i was encouraged and inspired to see testimony from the St Peters microsite that has been created to take care of around ten homeless men during lockdown. Which you can and should read about over here. A number of my friends are involved there [...]

Poem: Those people!

"Can we please stop talking about race?" You demand as you casually spit out "those people" As an insult to group all your prejudice into one demongraphic Unaware that you are talking about my friends. And the beautiful children of my friends. And their friends. And their friends. And. Their. Friends. It's as if your fear of the unknown Has manifested into your own inner demons Which are circling the deep chasm between Your [...]

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