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Taboo Topic: Living with Special Needs – meet Sarah, mother of Keller [Autism]

When we moved to South Africa seven years ago, being an American family and transplanting ourselves into the middle of a new country, new culture, and living in a township community, we knew there would be many challenges ahead.  There is so much we have learned while living in South Africa, and our lives and hearts have grown in so many ways on the journey.  We never could have imagined that our greatest challenge in [...]

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Taboo Topics: Living with Disabilities/Special Needs – Intro

From my friend, Dalene Reyburn: So, I’m honoured to be hanging out with Brett in this bustling corner of the internet to introduce the next Taboo Topics series: people with special needs. I think Brett’s a hero for having the courage to open up these sorts of topics – things that are often ignored or misunderstood or too fraught with pain to be voiced. This series will give parents and others a safe space to [...]

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