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Dear South Africa… a letter from Terence Mentor

Dear South Africa,  Increase empathy. Kind regards, Terence P.S. Sorry, I’ve just realised that you may not know what I mean. Here’s the deal - it really shouldn’t need an explanation or a justification. I shouldn’t have to show you why we need to be open to the idea that other people are complete and complex human beings who don’t deserve to be undermined, insulted, embarrassed, made to feel unsafe or treated as a sub-category [...]

The Better Coloured: some thoughts from Terence Mentor

i asked me friend Terence if he would share some thoughts about the concept of 'The Better Coloured' and he came up with these: “Yeah, but you’re one of the good ones” My friend and I were standing under a tree trying to escape the summer heat during break-time. He had been talking about those “gangsters” and “kak okes” of the school – the Coloureds. Luckily for me, I, with my meekness and my white [...]