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Taboo Topics: Cancer – Meet Wendy and Xylon van Eyck

I don’t know about you but growing up I believed that old people and other people got cancer. My gran passed away from cancer when I was in my early teens. So I knew cancer existed. I just didn’t think that cancer would be part of the story of someone young, or of someone I love. I guess that’s the first thing I’ve learnt about cancer. It doesn’t discriminate. It will attack rich or poor, [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – Mixed Race Connections – Meet Wendy and Xylon Van Eyck

[Disclaimer: while in Americaland, the term “coloured” is a strongly negative term, in South Africa there is a unique group of people who have come from a heritage of different cultures but now have developed their own distinct culture. They are neither black nor white, nor are they mixed race, and they would call themselves ‘coloured'.] Marriage and Melanin “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. We will make it through this.” The [...]

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