Saturday Reflection: Prevalence of whiteness

Two quick thoughts about whiteness that have been inspired by pieces that two amazing women [Jess and Jana] have written for my upcoming book on race. Less than ten percent of people in South Africa are white, by way of introduction and context. [1] Does living in the suburbs give you the illusion that most people in South Africa are white? In Cape Town at least, there are suburbs where this is true, and still a [...]

Interrupting Whiteness: Intro

What does it mean to Interrupt Whiteness? Well, in a world where Whiteness has been raised as a more-than better-than higher-than standard of beauty/worth/intelligence/rightness and so much more, this is clearly something we need to figure out, if we in fact do believe that all races are created equal - not the same, but equal. Colourblindness is not a healthy option because on the one hand it refuses to acknowledge that many people have been [...]

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