Christmas is not so far away… which means the big feast planning will soon be well and truly underway…

The other day i was playing a Twitterer Hashtag Game with the tag #TheGiftYouGive

One of the stunning things about Hashtag Games is that many of them can be incredibly fun or funny, but also often really serious as well. The game i just blogged about – #2016WasTheYearThatIFinally – was one of those as many people jumped in and shared thing they had learnt or achieved or attempted or gotten rid of and it really was inspiring.

So i decided to use the game for a moment of that and tweeted this:

Which, if you look carefully, you can see was quite popular… with 154 Heart Likes and 68 Retweets…

i then figured out how to create a Twitterer Moment which is like a way of defeating the 140 character limit by making multiple messages and linking them up.

In response to a tweet i sent out in a Hashtagging game yesterday that got a HUGE response. So i thought it would be good to add it in here so that more people have access to it. i have already had at least three people say they are up for the challenge, and one guy, Rob, already did it [just for a normal family meal, and said it brought him to tears] and is planning on doing it again.


It started with the original tweet:

Followed by these tweets, sewn together into one continuous message:

So that was the series of Tweets which made up my first ever Twitterer Moment.

And some people have been putting up their hands to say they will give it a try:

So there is your challenge: to invite a person, couple or family you know who might be alone or might not be able to afford the kind of feast you might be having to join you as an honourable family member this Christmas.

Then to share your story with me and i will share some of the stories in a blog post early next year.

If all of us did this, this could truly revolutionise Christmas for so many people and how many of us eat too much or have leftovers for days and don’t have one or two extra seats at the table… respond in the comments below if you’re in… [and please SHARE this post cos the more the merrier!] or challenge a friend to also do it to double your impact…

Maybe you want to be even doubly brave on this and invite someone who you used to be closer to or maybe had a big disagreement or falling out with, and shared Christmas dinner on you might be just the thing needed to begin patching things up…