An Easter Communion reflection: Do this in remembrance of me…

A communion reflection for you at this very unique time for us all... The original communion moment took place within the context of a feast... a meal between a teacher and his students who became close friends [well, most of them]... ...and i want to call us to this today. With the focus on what is happening with the homeless in Strandfontein, plus our own lockdown context, plus trying to stay connected to family [...]

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Mark, my words: Having your enemy round for a meal

This story might be a whole lot more profound than we normally pay attention to. Jesus having a last meal with His disciples who He has grown to know and really love after three years of spending time with them. But during the meal He indicates to them that one of them is going to betray Him. So to put it another way He points out the fact that He has an enemy sitting at the [...]

putting the ‘C’ back in Christmas [part ii]

and that ‘c’ stands for ‘creativity’ – so whether it is a way of celebrating family or looking after someone who is seen as a 'the least of these' let us be looking for ways to go beyond the typical commercial aspects of the season... and send your ideas of stuff done or stuff plotting to be done to Pete and Bev Brodrick: Remembrance Lunch: A second family gathering for a celebration lunch/dinner with [...]

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