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Blessed are the Critique’ers

This is an important one for the church to get. Because the evidence seems to suggest that so many people are missing it. There is a big difference between criticism [especially the negative kind] and critique and while both feel sometimes necessary, for the church to embrace critique is crucial: Criticism: [negative] the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes. Criticism: [positive] the analysis and judgement of the [...]

On publically criticising and being criticised…

'Not taking offense is 10 times harder than not giving it. Try going a day without taking offense when criticized. ' That is how Peter Enns ends off this simple but profound blog piece titled '6 thoughts–let’s call them tips–on publicly criticizing and being criticized' and while you should totally go and read the whole piece to see his explanations of each point, i thought i would simply share the six points he makes: 1. To write [...]