Tossing the Greedy out of the Church

As we continue to seek out A Carefree Attitude Towards Possessions through the lens of Ron Sider’s challenging book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ let me go back a paragraph to remind us where we are and then continue with words i hope you will wrestle with and share with your friends: = = = = = Matthew, Mark and Luke all recall the terrible warning: “How hard it is for those who [...]

a rollins stoned gathers no…

so, in the divine way that coincidences seem to work at times, this last week i heard from my new friend matt about a guy called peter rollins and then a day or so later my tag team buddy sean posts a comment to me in the facebook 'worshipping community' group about peter rollins... i really liked the provocativenessity of it so thort i'd share it... Peter Rollins retells the parable of Jesus and the [...]

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