Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – Part Glimpses and Truths

Continuing to share some of Aaron's story of his journey with and away from testicular cancer which you can find in full over here, i decided to grab three sections from three longer posts to share some of the insights he gained along the way as well as some of the challenges he faced and encouragements he received along the way. There is something for us all to learn here: = = = = = [...]

Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – Part The Cooler Side of Chemo

Continuing to share some of the stories from the archives of Aaron Fullerton to be found in full on his blog, 'Aaron Laughs With Cancer', and in this one Aaron takes some time during the chemo, to mention some things he is appreciative of during what is a tough and scary journey: THE COOLER SIDE OF CHEMO I’m typing with my left hand because my right is hooked up to an IV that’s pumping me [...]

Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – part Laughing With not At

The first of our Aaron Fullerton journey stories was published two years ago and is reblogged with permission: The original title: Laughing With Cancer, Not At It: When Lance Armstrong fell from grace a few weeks ago, I didn’t really care. I’ve always appreciated him for the icon he is, for the modern miracle of his health and success, but when I think of Lance Armstrong, I think of three things: bracelets, Michelob Ultra, and [...]

Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – Intro

This is going to be a little bit of a different one. i 'met' Aaron online, as much as you can 'meet' anyone online [i think you can] and i don't even remember how although it might have been through Hashtag Game tweets or some other comedy moment. And we got chatting, which is a little strange for strangers on Twitter. And especially when it turned out that one of the strangers is a writer [...]

Taboo Topics: Infertility – meet Melanie and Willem

Answering the ‘baby’ question The way I work through things is different to how many others do. I experience something, think and pray about it and when I feel that I’ve heard God about something, I write about it. Sharing what God has taught me in challenging situations is like the ‘acceptance’ phase of grief. This blog post has been several months in the making and tells the story of something that we have battled [...]

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