How to love your woman better part halting the movement of the sun.

There is another verse in the Bible that says, “Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry” and since most of us have no real effect on stopping the sun from its nightly perceived movement away from us, i guess that means it makes a lot more sense for us to concentrate on the ‘stop being angry’ part... and it’s linked to the not keeping a record of wrongs. And so one [...]

how to Love your Woman better part small intentional sacrifices

i’m not a big fan of commercialised Christmas vibes and in particular Christmas carols – woergh – kinda hate them with a passion... my wife, TBV, is a big fan of Christmas and Christmas-related stuff though (although she says carols aren’t huge for her either!) and i realised the other day that in my adamant ‘we will fight carols on the beaches, we will fight them on the shores, we will never surrender’ and ‘i [...]

How to Love Your Woman Better part the Defining of Love

Hollywood (and the greater media) pretty much says (intimates) that love is a feeling and that the expression of that feeling is sex, and also pretty much once the feeling goes love has gone and you should walk away (and get a divorce). Which is why we have such a huge divorce rate where one out of three (or is it two now) marriages end in divorce. But there is another, better way... A way [...]

How to Love your Woman Better part arguing well. Part I (of III)

This one goes out to those of you who have girlfriends or wives (and if you’ve been paying attention and using your brains all along this series you will realise that most of what i say would fit into a ‘how to love your man better’ series or be applied to family and friends and work colleagues to differing extents so i hope no-one has been put off by the titles – i am specifically [...]

for the sake of the chores

so i have been married for about 14 months yesterday and i still completely highly recommend it if it is to the right person - it is not always easy - it is sometimes really hard - but it is incredible and the pros definitely outbeat-up-and-leave-bleeding-behind-the-shed the cons... and i love the beautiful Val - really feel privileged and lucky and amazed that i have someone like her in my life... yay. the one thing [...]

marriage to the right person – highly recommendable

so in exactly one week's time i will have been married to the beautiful Val for exactly one year - and what a year it's been! as i say often to people - 'marriage is highly recommended... to the right person!' and the 'to the right person' bit is the key - not cos i believe in any kind of God-brings-this-person-and-that-person-together necessarily or that i believe that there is only one 'the one' as opposed [...]

rowing the mance

i find loving my wife very easy. and i’m not just talking about the flutter flutter feeling “ooh i luv my wife” but love in action i would like to imagine everyone loves their wife as well as i do but i’m sure a lot of people don’t. and i’m not talking from an arrogant point of “ooh look at me, look at how well i love my wife” but just a day to day [...]

why God doesn't suffer from amnesia

i was chatting to my buddy rob today about a talk he heard where the guy said ‘when God forgives your sin, He forgets about it completely and it’s like it never happened’ and i don’t think that’s precisely true. i think the point is that despite not forgetting about your sin (if God is all knowing then surely He still remembers that you did sin) He chooses to treat you and regard you as [...]

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