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Of work and things.

i thought it might be helpful or interesting to some of you who read my blog to know what i am up to. For the longest time i have been largely unemployed - officially since November when the horrible online Christian article platform i was writing for finally pulled the plug after three years, after a last six months of increasingly irritating and unprofessional changes which completely schnied [what a great word!] the writers. So [...]

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Life in the no-work place

So, after i finish this post i am heading out to a potential work thing. There is another possibility a friend mentioned the other day - doing something i would really enjoy and love to do in an area i have wanted to spend a lot more time in. But i don't know whether it is actually going to be a job and if so when it will be available for me. Besides that, i [...]

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Let me entertain you [slash your business]

As we head into the last quarter of the year [WHAT? How did that even happen?] there are two ways in which i may be able to assist you if you work in an office environment, and vice versa. [1] Corporate Improv: We are heading towards the end of the year when businesses start thinking about Christmas parties and staff functions and if you are the person with the link to the entertainment budget then [...]

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I’ll tell you what you can do.

i hear that so often in conversations of race. But what am i meant to do? It sounds like an honest question and a healthy cry for help. But as a matter of fact i am starting to realise that it is incredibly lazy. You are asking me to give you the answers [which is at least one step up from the oppressors asking the oppressed for answers] so that you don't have to do [...]

hey ho, hey ho…

so this morning i had an early breakfast with some good mates and then headed home but unfortunately picked the busy intersection of cars heading off to work and so had to wait til the traffic cop directed me through. i had a lot of fun. It was incredible seeing someone so obviously enjoying their job or task at hand. cos think about it for a second. he’s a traffic cop. he’s directing impatient people [...]

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