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How to become a perfect Christian

Step 1: Realise there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. If you're thinking or acting like you are one, stoppit! Step 2: Own your crap. Don't pretend to be who you're not. But also don't be satisfied with being who you are. You are on a journey of sanctification which is really just a big old bibley words for 'being honed, chiselled, formed, improved' and made to look more like Jesus. It's a [...]

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becoming unsettled

so today we fly back to americaland and i leave a changed man. but maybe not in the way you would expect... i don't feel like i have grown so much as i have regressed, but in a good way though. as in 'returned to former state' - or returning at least. in some Christian senses i guess we have been living the dream - 19 months at the Simple Way [you know, the mecca [...]

the day i freed Jesus from my heart…

and let Him loose in my life... was end of grade 10 or 11 [or standard 8/9 as we used to call it in the days when we had to trudge 50 miles barefoot in the snow just to get a glass bottle of milk!] when that happened, but let me back track. i was five years old when i asked Jesus into my heart - looking back now i may have not understood the [...]

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