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The Bad News is out: It isn’t Facebook that’s Toxic, it’s me!

i witnessed a pretty unfortunate and brutal exchange on Facebook yesterday. Unfortunate in that i know both people involved and am sure that if the three of us had sat around a table together we would have had an amazing time and the two others would very likely have become good friends. But it didn't go down that way because there were two people who didn't know each other, responding to only what was in [...]

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Be Kind, yes but to who?

Can't we all just be a little more kind to people online? And maybe offline too..? i would say, "Yes, absolutely!" But also, "No!" Well, i mean kinda, but probably not in the way you understand Kindness. Because often when somebody posts an inspirational or challenging message like this, what they are actually wanting people to be is nice. And it isn't super helpful to confuse Kind with Nice. Exhibit A Your three-year-old kid is [...]