The freedom that comes with Forgiveness

Is Forgiveness more than just a nice idea? My friend Julie asked me to post a piece on the topic of forgiveness after i recorded a Facebook Live conversation about it, so here goes. i have a friend who recently got caught doing some pretty reprehensible stuff. We weren't good friends but i have known him for ten years and his actions totally took a lot of people by surprise and a lot of people [...]

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When enemies work together

A third extract from ‘Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion’ by Father Gregory Boyle, which you should clearly be able to gather by now i am adding to my 'Books i would love for all my friends to read' list so just do it already. So brief background to this short piece is that Father Boyle works predominantly with gangsters and ex-gangsters through a number of different businesses that fall under the banner of Homeboy [...]

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