Continuing the ‘How much sex in marriage?’ conversation with Brett Fish and the beautiful Val [tbV]

the other day i posted an answer to a 'how much sex in marriage?' question that someone left after a 'Singleness' blog post and it got a whole lot of attention... realising that Sex in Marriage is a bit of a Taboo Topic that doesn't get much attention, this felt like a healthy conversation to continue and so i had an online chat with Val about some of the stuff that came up in the [...]

How much sex in marriage? [part ‘you’]

little did i know when i responded to someone's comment about how much sex should take place in marriage [ironically in the comments section on a blog i posted on 'Singleness'] that this would get as much attention as it did... ...and not just people viewing it, but people talking about it and i appreciated some of the comments so much that i felt like they deserved their own blog and so i am simply [...]

Taboo Topics: Singleness – meet Dani Scoville [and a look at Deconstructing Boundaries]

[Dani is a friend that tbV and i met while working with the Simple Way and she currently lives in San Francisco, which is just across the water from us, this is a piece she wrote a year ago which was published in and which she offered to share with us] When my intoxicated friend leaned in to kiss me, I didn’t think I was just the most readily available girl. No, I convinced [...]

This past week on The Weekly Mash [and peace!] – my other blog.

So subscribers of Irresistibly Fish [this blog] may or may not know that i started another blog three weeks ago called 'The Weekly Mash [and peace!]' which has a regular focus - so each day each week will have the same focus with Monday being something fun, Tuesday being a news-related post, Wednesday having something to do with relationships, Thursday having a God-focused, Jesus-following aspect and then Friday being 'My Day' where i can blog [...]

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Taboo Topics: Singleness – meet Alexa O S Russell aka ‘Is there space for Bridget Jones at church?’

Lex: Being single in a world and a community where relationships are celebrated and held up in high regard can be incredibly difficult…particularly when your single status is not a conscious choice, but rather a default at this point in life! People chuckle (and relate!) when you refer to your self as having a Bridget Jones kind of moment – the moment where you want to eat yourself silly on chocolate, or drink too much [...]

One way to love your spouse better – Sheralyn Cloete [Assume, but well]

my friend Sheralyn has a very different [and absolutely amazing!] take on one way to love your spouse better - she has been married to Sam for four years now and they have a little boy called Malakai: as·sume [uh-soom] verb (used with object) 1. to take for granted or without proof: to assume that everyone wants peace.   Synonyms: suppose, presuppose; postulate, posit. 2. to take upon oneself; undertake: to assume an obligation. Making your marriage work has a lot to do with how you think about your marriage and your spouse. So one way I know I can love my [...]

One way to love your spouse better – Robert Martin [Sacrificing Self]

Robert is a friend that tbV and i met once in Americaland at a protest of sorts and have since become strong online friends and co-appreciators of Pearls Before Swine and other shared forms of humour as well as sharing in a hunger for following Jesus - he has been married to Heather for close to 18 years and while this is more of a story than a 'one thing to learn' piece, there is [...]

One way to love your spouse better – Brett Fish: be on the same continent

Note, this is remarkably different from "be incontinent" so try not to get confused. [in fact to be honest one of the definitions listed was "Not restrained; uncontrolled" and i am going to be speaking to exactly the opposite of that...] At the point of writing this, my wife aka the beautiful Val, is currently in Americaland while i am still in South Africa [that is about to change in 5 days time though, can't [...]

One way to love your spouse better – Dalene Reyburn [the next right thing]

my friend Dalene, who is an incredible bloggist, has been married for 8 and a half years and this is a pearl of wisdom she has to share with us in terms of one way to love your marriage partner better: 'My husband stares into other women’s eyes all day. It’s his job. But when he’s done with corneas and optic nerves he comes home and tells me sweet somethings and whispers wonder and holds [...]

One way[s] to Love your husband/wife better…

when you're dating someone, you only see them at specific times and so generally you are able to always look good for them, for the most part you will be putting in extra effort and they will more than often see you at your best. it is also generally a time where you are often carried along by the emotion and the 'feelings' and the fresh raw excitement of the idea that this person of [...]

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