Poem: The dust

I quickened my pace As I hurried home More excited than normal To make it on time For my nightly appointment A story-telling date With my youngest daughter That I always hated to miss But tonight would be extra special Did I have a story for her? I set the scene with great dramatic effect There I was at the edge of the crowd Minding my own business Listening to the Teacher When suddenly [...]

Poems on an anniversary [not anniversary poems]

Val and i just celebrated our 11th year anniversary with a few days away in Citrusdal. i went with great intention of spending some time getting back into poetry. Armed with my pend and my journal. Sadly, the two pens i picked were not quite equal to the intention and i managed to barely scratch out these two short ones before they both gave up the ghost. D - droplets lie in wait [...]

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Poem: Breathe their last

History remembers That the Public Executioner very rarely wore a mask Why conceal your identity When everyone already knows who you are? He stood somberly Bronze Heading Axe in his hand Waiting for that precisely timed moment When he would deliver the death blow That the community had decided upon And he had been quite badly paid for The Future will sing songs Of present day Public Executioners Failing to wear masks Unaware and [...]

Character Stories for Children: A transition…

It's time to catch you up on the happenings of our Character Stories for Children kids YouTube channel.  i see that my first post about the channel happened the day after April Fool's Day. But this was no joke. We had just gone into Lockdown and it felt like this might be a particularly tough time for parents of young children. So first up i gathered together a whole list of different activities and [...]

Poem: The weak that was

"I can't breathe!" he screamed As he scowled at the police as They made him pack up his surfboard and go home While the black man lies motionless On the other end of the wave. Meanwhile the Coopers were having A domestic in a nearby park Cos she wouldn't put a leash on her dog And he was too black. "Nothing to see here!" was the statement Of the law-enforcing bodies Who had just [...]

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Poem: Two boys went out to play

White self-professed racist With his hand up the ass of a puppet Spent his time using his reach To try help the rest of us gaze into the mirror While the one with the platform And all of the influence Could have gone there But all he got was this lousy t-shirt One threw his voice The other threw his voice away How is it that the Con ended up being more than Rad [...]

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Poem: Those people!

"Can we please stop talking about race?" You demand as you casually spit out "those people" As an insult to group all your prejudice into one demongraphic Unaware that you are talking about my friends. And the beautiful children of my friends. And their friends. And their friends. And. Their. Friends. It's as if your fear of the unknown Has manifested into your own inner demons Which are circling the deep chasm between Your [...]

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Poem: Hide and God Seek

It feels like you've been hiding forever While i stand in the sameplace pretending to slowly count down Backwards from my childhood When you were more than tangible and everywhere to be found i gave up looking in the church buildings long ago As so many of them seemed to somehow feel a lot more like church Once the people had left Laughing and chattering away As they skipped over the deep snoring sounds [...]

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Character Stories for Children: Two weeks in.

Just two weeks ago, an idea was born. i can't even remember where the inspiration came from actually but one day Character Stories for Children was not a thing and the next day it was. We have reached the end of our second week with 10 videos and two live stream Saturday morning shows under our belts. Character Stories has not been an overnight sensation. We haven't gone viral. And we don't have a [...]

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