Not my first Pandemic – a guest post by Ashley Brownlee

A story and message for everyone, but especially those who are hesitant about getting their vaccine. Ashley Brownless is a very good friend of mine who i have known for more than 20 years now. He has written a pretty viral post for my blog before sharing some of his journey as a South African living with HIV AIDS, and he is back to share some more, but particularly how it relates to his [...]

Taboo Topics: Living with HIV/Aids – Meet Ashley Brownlee

My name is Ashley Brownlee. I have been living in the Klein Karoo for over a decade now, and have found a great deal of peace amongst the big horizons and in the arms of the Milky Way. There was a time though, and it’s a difficult time to talk about, when life was not so filled with any kind of future. I hope that my story will inspire you to choose life. I contracted [...]

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Taboo Topics: Living with HIV/Aids – Meet Cindy Pivacic

Why do we have a fear of discussing topics that should not be swept aside? Is it because we are scared someone will think we have ‘that disease’? Or....are we are not sufficiently informed, (not even a little bit) and don’t want to be perceived to be ignorant? Whatever your reason, it is in your family, friends, associates and colleagues best interest to talk about these ‘unmentionable’ matters as it can enlighten and prevent incorrect [...]

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Taboo Topics: Living with HIV/Aids – Intro

Sho, when it comes to Taboo Topics, Living with HIV/Aids is one of those that has actually been taboo as opposed to simply rarely spoken about. While it doesn't carry the same kind of shame and weight as it used to in the early days when a lot of misinformation was around, it is still something we rarely hear about, which is why i thought it was important to address it. Statistics South Africa had [...]

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lausanne reflections: pied the piper

listened to an ephesians 3 devotional by john piper who i have heard a lot about but have never heard or read any of his stuff before - really want to go back and watch that clip without sound because he looks a bit like a muppet on steroids - very energetic in movement anyways i wasn't overly inspired by most of what he said until right at the end when he basically said there [...]

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Pome: On Behalf Of The Human Race…

I thank You, God For granting an audience To someone as weak and insignificant as me I kneel before You In a futile attempt To right a millenia of wrongs committed against You I represent a group of people Totally unworthy, fully undeserving Completely unaware and oblivious of their need for me to be here If the court stenographer will read back the testimony It will be made clear That time and time again You [...]

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the malzumbenray files part judging the (tangled) knot

THE SETUP so i have been thinking about this quite a lot lately, especially after i received a mail immediately after my last you-got-to-be-kidding-malema post from my friend mel lovingly rebuking me or at the very least challenging me on my bash-the-leader stance [if the Bible says respect and pray for your leaders who God has putten over you...] which was really great and a whole thort in itself [the confrontation from Mel i mean, [...]

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hitler's mom

so i read in the newspaper today before church (stocking up on caffeine and chocolate crouissant at the bp) that Jacob Zuma (our president) has fathered another child. i never used to like Zuma. i heard a lot of bad things about him and saw him involved in some criminal cases with various accusations and he made some infamously bad statements about showering preventing AIDS (after being head of some AIDS council or something) and [...]

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