It’s A Frikkin Hashtag Birthday… One year of SA’s #1 game

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY AFRIKKIN HASHTAG!!!!! Wow, how did that happen? Just about a year ago i stumbled on to this weird phenomenon called Hashtagging Games and it felt like it had been created for me. Shortly after that, a girl called Breezy Puffs let me co-host a game she ran and i think about a week after that Jeff and Robyn and the crew at @HashtagRoundup who run the game app, found a space [...]

Celebrating Ten Years of Rob and Nicky

Today we celebrate the Marriage of my best mate Rob Lloyd and his wife Nicky. We continue to mourn the loss of a dear friend, a husband, a brother, a son, a mentor, a pastor, a worship leader, an ultimate frisbee player, a model of generosity, a voice of reason and hope and faith and so much more. […]

one year marryversary

so yes it's lateish thurs nite or feels that way cos i am weirdly quite tired and tbV is upstairs working hard cos she has to get thesis changes to her people before she goes away... which is tomorrow - my lovely wife has a whole weekend of secret plans (at least til sun when we mite be back for the grand prix or at the very least enGAGE church service and world cup final [...]

marriage to the right person – highly recommendable

so in exactly one week's time i will have been married to the beautiful Val for exactly one year - and what a year it's been! as i say often to people - 'marriage is highly recommended... to the right person!' and the 'to the right person' bit is the key - not cos i believe in any kind of God-brings-this-person-and-that-person-together necessarily or that i believe that there is only one 'the one' as opposed [...]

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