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But what can i do? [White people in South Africa and beyond…]

White South African friends... i have so much love for you. A number of you, when race conversations have been happening, have asked the question, "What can i do?" and as one who doesn't have all the answers but certainly has some of the journey, i figured I can share some things that helped me to move further along in this conversation. So for the next forty days, i am hoping to share an idea [...]

Give the change you want to see…

About a week ago i was hanging out with a group of friends discussing some quite incredible stories of generosity that we had all been involved in this past year. Each person in the group was connected to a person in the story of generosity although the majority of the group didn't know the people involved. The stories ranged from educational assistance to helping start up a township business to paying for a vehicle to [...]


It's like you could say i've been married to Transition. tbV and i are heading towards our seven years of marriage celebration and in that time we have had four major moves, a couple of smaller ones in between and are facing another one as we search for a more permanent spot to stay. Let me add that i'm not a fan. We started off in Stellenbosch where i was working when we got married [...]

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be the change: under 2000 santa shoeboxes needed

hey readers of this someone forwarded me an email not telling me the nigerian governtment or bill gates are about to send me a lot of money so i thort i'd pay attention - there is this site that puts together presents for needy kids in the form of santa shoeboxes - they have a target of 31552 kids this year and are currently over the 29000 mark and so really just need a few [...]

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26 september is pray for zimbabwe day – pass on…

i imagine most people in south africa know someone who is from or in zim and so the zim situation probly connects deeply with a lot of us and usually carries a despondent or powerless 'what can i do?' attachment... well i got this email in my inbox this week and this is a way for the church to get involved and just exciting to know what is happening in the heart of zimbabwe as [...]

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