Let a silver lining to these Corona times be discipline.

What a great time to work on discipline in the hope that it becomes habit before we return to the new normal.  We are living in a corona virus affected world. It is touching all of us. For the first time in a long, long time the entire world has found themselves on a similar page - this definitely affects different people in different ways depending on your job and economic situation and location, [...]

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Philippines Reflections: Disciplines

One of the biggest takeaways for me from our Philippines trip was finding some solid rhythms and disciplines. Particularly in the second month which we had put aside to write. Val found us a stunning spot in Honda Bay on Palawan Island and we moved in for a month. For me the main focus was on finishing the race book i had started a few years ago that had just been busied away into [...]

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The Discipline of Parenting

Giving Discipline to children well must be one of the hardest aspects of parenting.  i took to Facebook to ask some of my friends who are parents to share some of their ideas/process/stories/thinking: i imagine that discipline must be one of the hardest things to get right for a lot of parents. How do you discipline your kids [maybe add in age of kids cos that changes things] in ways that you have found [...]

How to become a perfect Christian

Step 1: Realise there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. If you're thinking or acting like you are one, stoppit! Step 2: Own your crap. Don't pretend to be who you're not. But also don't be satisfied with being who you are. You are on a journey of sanctification which is really just a big old bibley words for 'being honed, chiselled, formed, improved' and made to look more like Jesus. It's a [...]

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Spank you very much: Hitting your kids and stuff

Is it okay for us to hit our kids? Is the question a lot of parents are asking, especially in light of the new change to the law in South Africa. i was going to do next week's Facebook Live video on it, but the conversations were happening thick and fast and so i decided to actually do one today, which is worth watching and reading the accompanying comments to. Teacher Tom has some helpful [...]

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