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Why I deny the resurrection.

Yesterday, i wrote a piece about how important the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to my beliefs and the way i live my life. But at St Johns yesterday, Benjamin the Priest read this passage from edgy theologian Pete Rollins talking about why he denies the Resurrection... And i have to say, i wholeheartedly agree... At one point in the proceedings someone asked if my theoretical position led me to denying the Resurrection of Christ. [...]

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Easter Sunday: a re-new-ed hope

For followers of Jesus, today is the most important day. If Easter Sunday didn't happen, then everything we believe changes. Don't get me wrong, if Jesus had just been a good man who had come and lived the life He lived, i still think it would be worth following Him. The man who preached enemy love, who reached out and touched and spoke to and welcomed in the marginalised and the sick and the uninvited, [...]

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What’s Good about this Friday?

This is the day when we remember a significant death. And how it changed the world. i began today, celebrating the start of the Easter weekend, watching the dvd from my best mate Rob Lloyd's funeral - a collage of photos and some video set to music... it's been just four months and i miss my friend so much. His death was significant and it changed my world. There is a Rob-shaped gap that remains [...]

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NaPoWriMo: Day 3 – catchup: Fourteener

And now, for our optional prompt! Today I challenge you to write a fourteener. Fourteeners can be have any number of lines, but each line should have fourteen syllables. Given the day, i decided to go for an Eastery theme: Easter, in fourteen beats An air of doom and gloom has descended upon the earth Friday night's unfortunate events made Saturday tough People dull-faced like zombies trying to take it all in Listening for but [...]

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A Good Day To Die

When Jesus walked the earth, He called many people to follow Him. And the crowds showed up. He spoke Truth and Life. He reached out to those at the margins, which in His day included women and children, Samaritans [the foreigner], the diseased and more... He performed miracles... He saved lives people were wanting to kill and He even raised some people from the dead. And the crowds cheered and pushed to get closer to [...]

Easter: wrestling with Jesus [a reblog of my good friend, Bruce Collins]

Bruce Collins is one of my best friends in the category of 'people i have hardly spent any time with at all' - our spirits seem to connect strongly when it comes to God and life and relationships and things and i just love his passion and wrestling and honesty... he has a great gift for writing too which is why i am reblogging this post of his which feels like something i could have [...]

40ish Days of Lent: Day 40ish

DAY 40ish Wow! Day 40. We made it... ish. Easter is still a few days away so may still add a post or two but it has been fun [and only slightly overwhelming] to do this journey with those few of you who have joined with me. The Bible mentions seven things that Jesus says while hanging on the cross. I found this online site that looks at each statement [calling each one a 'word'] and [...]

40ish Days of Lent: Day 30-31

DAY 30-31 Okay, so this one is more for me than anyone else reading and following, but maybe you can figure out your own that relates, so forgive me my self-ness... Task: Take a break from the somewhat stressful task of creating 40 Lent Observance posts in a row. i think i just need a bit of a breather and on a Saturday when i remarkably don't have anything to plan for tomorrow it feels [...]

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40ish Days of Lent: Day 28

DAY 28 So great to see my good mate Bruce Collins blog-posting again [so great i couldn't help but dive in and steal what he wrote] and so i hope you enjoy this prayer to meditate on from his Thanksgiving Series post 1 and i really hope you will head across to his page and subscribe so you can follow the rest of them. Task: Read and reflect on this prayer which is definitely so relevant [...]

40ish Days of Lent: Day 26

DAY 26 Today has been a really hard day for me for two reasons. One has been physical and one has been mental/emotional/spiritual. Physically i have had a huge splitting headache for most of the day and that is not normal for me, nor has it been fun. Mentally/emotionally/spiritually today was probably my worst day on Facebook [and maybe being in pain already didn't help] as i got into an exchange with two people professing [...]