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Poem: I don’t see race

I don't see race, but I feel it Crawling down my skin As the glance declares I'm sin I don't see race, but I fear it Coming for me in the middle of the night Armed with the sharp unforgiving Edges of the questions aimed at me Asking how I managed to keep my Head buried in the sand for so long While those on the surface Were the ones suffocating for lack of [...]

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Poem: Assumptions

A black man and a white man Step into a room together And ever so carefully Peel off their skin Folding it neatly Over the back of a chair Before taking a seat Directly across the table from one other Staring deeply into the other's soul A blood sample is taken from both men Two vials of the deepest red Placed on the table in front of them Followed shortly by a set of [...]

Poem: Antifa Hair

You don't like my hair "It's kak!" you say And i feel so fortunate That you stopped by here today   You see i really didn't know, that i had "Antifa Hair" And it's only cos of someone nice like you who shows they care So many other passers got distracted by My pursuit of Justice that they missed that speck right in my eye But not you, no, you boldly logged on And [...]

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Poem: The dust

I quickened my pace As I hurried home More excited than normal To make it on time For my nightly appointment A story-telling date With my youngest daughter That I always hated to miss But tonight would be extra special Did I have a story for her? I set the scene with great dramatic effect There I was at the edge of the crowd Minding my own business Listening to the Teacher When suddenly [...]

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Poems on an anniversary [not anniversary poems]

Val and i just celebrated our 11th year anniversary with a few days away in Citrusdal. i went with great intention of spending some time getting back into poetry. Armed with my pend and my journal. Sadly, the two pens i picked were not quite equal to the intention and i managed to barely scratch out these two short ones before they both gave up the ghost. D - droplets lie in wait [...]

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Poem: Breathe their last

History remembersThat the Public Executioner very rarely wore a maskWhy conceal your identityWhen everyone already knows who you are?He stood somberlyBronze Heading Axe in his handWaiting for that precisely timed momentWhen he would deliver the death blowThat the community had decided uponAnd he had been quite badly paid for The Future will sing songsOf present day Public ExecutionersFailing to wear masksUnaware and oblivious to the factThat they have positioned themselvesNear the blockStanding together, laughingBrazenly sipping from [...]

Poem: The weak that was

"I can't breathe!" he screamed As he scowled at the police as They made him pack up his surfboard and go home While the black man lies motionless On the other end of the wave. Meanwhile the Coopers were having A domestic in a nearby park Cos she wouldn't put a leash on her dog And he was too black. "Nothing to see here!" was the statement Of the law-enforcing bodies Who had just [...]

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