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A Poem: Whiteness by brett “Fish anderson

I am whiteness I will not condescend to your infuriating attempts to single me out as the single biggest cause of all your problems   I am whiteness You had better believe that everything I have is due to hard work and persistence After all, the silver spoon in my mouth that I was born with had ugly flecks of bronze all over its handle Who in their right mind would be satisfied with that? [...]

Erik… [with a K]

When i was living in Americaland for three years, i came up with a series of You Tube videos that i called 'Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect' in which my alter ego, Brad Fish, would take a topic you would not normally consider dangerous - like ice-cream or camping or violins - and explain why it could be seen as a 'Dangerous Thing You Can Least Expect'... i was Suzelle DIY before she was [...]

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Dear South Africa… a letter from Thandi Gamedze

My friend Thandi Gamedze is an exceptional poet and wordsmith and her 'Dear South Africa...' comes in the form of a poem Beloved South Africa, I bless you to let loose the oceans of tears that you have carried, and cry For your sons that have been trodden down and stripped of their dignity And your daughters that have been raped, abused and dehumanised For your fathers that have turned to unfeeling stone, under weight [...]

Poem: Will i see you?

Will i see you today? Behind your skin? Through a hastily rolled up window and averted gaze at a traffic light? Over that high and mightily barbed wired electricity-generating fence? Through the veneer of your class distinction? Peeking nervously out from behind that oh-so-hipster handlebar moustache? Through the tears? Behind the laughter? LOL Will i see you underneath the weight of those plastic environment-destroying bags? On the other side of that quinoa-and-lime salad wrap? Behind [...]

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Poem: Less Miserable in 2018

We had a dream our lives would be... So different from this hell we're living So different now from what it seemed, Now... Life... Has killed The dream... We dreamed...   The dream to some it seemed started in '94 as lines of voters snaked around fields Filled with the anxious anticipation of first-time voters eager to claim their rich inheritance Before the years were peeled back to reveal that perhaps the vote was all [...]

Poem: This skin

If I stay out in the sun long enough Can the red hide the pain of past injustices? If I poke my head over an electrified walled property on the slopes of Camps Bay Will the green be enough to disguise my own wealth I struggle to even keep track of? If I host a sad movie marathon with tales of war, missed out romance and dying people Might the blue cover over my own [...]

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Poem: There is no “I” in death

If you are looking for someone who actively supported apartheid You will always be faced with a quiet room The sudden hush of the crickets who rapidly flick their eyes around the room Desperately hoping somebody else will claim responsibility for that one   For a new nation to be born out of the ashes of the old one Something needed to die Systems, structures, attitudes and behaviours…   “Even words?” The fifty-eight year old [...]

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Poem: pushing back

try as you might you just can't seem to push open the lid of this cardboard box they have you trapped in doesn't make sense though as cardboard should not be such a worthy adversary yet here you are time to sit back and take a moment to try and remember how this all came to be how you ended up passing time doing time when they was no crime not one you can remember [...]

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Poem: The Block

i want to write but i cannot because there is a big block upon my desk not sure what it is made of it is just there sitting nonchalantly as if it owns the place [can a rock sit nonchalantly? this one can. or so it seems]   i have tried writing around it but it consumes all the space and leaves little room around the edges for even a feeble scribble or a nuanced [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #PoemYourLife

Roses are red Violets are blue I poemed some Hashtags AND SO. DID. YOU. That's right - we decided to dig into the poetic nature of the @AfrikkinHashtag community and you guys pitched up [and some surprise guests and visitors who we hope will be back!] - had a few of the Unnamed Community [my secret back room of hashtag elves who appear every Wednesday and secretly make sure that the game runs to perfection [...]