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Post-Marchem: Reflections after the #AntiZumaMarch

i have to go out quite early today, so not going to be able to compile as much as i would hope, but maybe tomorrow there will be a part II. Yesterday there was a march and some people did and some people didn't and you can read my thoughts about that if you didn't yet... but here are a couple of reflections i have seen from people on my feed: = = = = [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: (reflections)

picture within a picture at first glimpse, this seems like an inappropriate picture to stick under the label of 'Reflections' as it is just a sideways portrait of a very sexy man [slash pre-dreadlocked me, some years ago] but what i like about this picture, is the double take that happens if you give it a moment and are drawn to the reflection that sits quietly, minding its own business, waiting for you in the [...]

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