Word for the year 2024

Every year i try to focus in on a Word for the Year and 2024 is no different. Although, i guess you could say it is a little different, as i normally use words that exist. But while i was leaning in and listening and trying to get a sense of what my word for this year would be i came up with a made-up word that i thought would be perfect. And then [...]

When my “Yes!” sounds like a “No!”

i love my wife, the beautiful Val, i really do, and when i love her well, i think i love her really, really well, but when i love her badly, i can REALLY suck at it... one way i have becoming increasingly more aware of doing this is by giving her a "yes" to a question that she asks or a request she makes for me to do something, that sounds a lot more like [...]

as simple as a cup of coffeeine

i made my beautiful wife val a cup of coffee in bed this morning as i do most mornings... she thanked me for it and i said it was a pleasure, and completely meant it... in fact as i was walking down the stairs i was thinking that it is a pleasure every single time... and how that should be normal - i really dig making my wife coffee or tea or a glass of [...]

what grew and what needs to

so this morning at church we had John Scott from Scotland (yes, i know) at Stellenbosch Vineyard morning service doing a good solid preach about dreams (having them while awake as opposed to analysing the ones that happen while you sleep) and then doing some ministry time (praying for sick etc) afterwards now i arrived at church early and got chatting to him which was really cool and i shared some of my struggling-faith-with-healing-related-things thing [...]

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