Character Stories for Children: A transition…

It's time to catch you up on the happenings of our Character Stories for Children kids YouTube channel.  i see that my first post about the channel happened the day after April Fool's Day. But this was no joke. We had just gone into Lockdown and it felt like this might be a particularly tough time for parents of young children. So first up i gathered together a whole list of different activities and [...]

40 Character Stories for Children/Kinders/Abantwana

Character Stories for Children will have presented 40 stories by the end of this week... What started out as a little dream and a conversation with some Improv friends has grown into a beautiful little family of wacky characters. Strange and interestingly quirky people who arrive at around 3pm every afternoon to share a story, poem or song with the young [and not so young!] children who are stuck in lockdown. Last week we [...]

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Life During Lockdown: Meet some of the Botha family

As we continue with the Life during Lockdown series, we have another response from some younger responders. My mate Link Botha got hold of me with the responses from some of his kids: We are going to hear from Shannon Botha [15], Taylor Botha [13] and Kate Botha [11]: Question 1: What has your experience of lockdown been so far? Taylor: So far it's been quite nice. I have found myself able to relax [...]

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Life during Lockdown: Meet Kat Gensicke

The stories about Life during Lockdown continue to come and today we have the reflections and experiences of Kat Gensicke: My name is Katharina Lindiwe Gensicke and I am a 23-year-old, German-South African social developmental activist and student working in the digital education sector. [1] What has been your experience of lockdown so far? I live at home with my parents, younger brother and 2 dogs. Fortunately, I am still be able to continue [...]

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Life during Lockdown: Meet Beauty Bokwani

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Life during Lockdown where Beauty Bokwani will be telling us a little bit about herself and her experiences. Let's start with her bio:My name is Beauty  Bokwani. I'm the owner of Zoe Educare in Extention  13  Belhar. I love to tell stories; writing children's stories memoirs, and poetry.Question 1: What has your experience of lockdown been so far?"My fellow South Africans..."  This was how the president introduced [...]

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Life during Lockdown: Meet Debbie Hutton

Welcome to a brand new series i'm calling 'Life during Lockdown'. i invited some of my Facebook friends to respond to four questions related to their time so far in lockdown as we hit Day 31 in South Africa. First up is Debbie Hutton, who i went to Teacher's Training College with about a hundred years ago: My name is Debbie, I am a mom and a pre-school teacher. I live in a multi-generational [...]

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Life during Lockdown: Intro

What has Life during Lockdown been like? After a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to be a doctor, i came up with this idea. Simply ask for some South Africans who would be up to answering four simple questions around how they have experienced Lockdown so far. They were tasked with providing me with a one-sentence bio of whatever they would like to put in it, a photo of themselves of [...]

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Character Stories for Children: Two weeks in.

Just two weeks ago, an idea was born. i can't even remember where the inspiration came from actually but one day Character Stories for Children was not a thing and the next day it was. We have reached the end of our second week with 10 videos and two live stream Saturday morning shows under our belts. Character Stories has not been an overnight sensation. We haven't gone viral. And we don't have a [...]

You are invited to the Premiere of Character Stories for Children

Monday sees the premiere launch of our new You Tube channel: Character Stories for Children. And as my friend Hairyette [who will be reading the very first story] tells me, it isn't actually only for little children - big children, even those of the adult variety, might really enjoy it too. Every day, from Monday to Friday, a new character will be reading a story, saying a poem and maybe even singing a song. [...]

Taboo Topics: Living with HIV/Aids – Intro

Sho, when it comes to Taboo Topics, Living with HIV/Aids is one of those that has actually been taboo as opposed to simply rarely spoken about. While it doesn't carry the same kind of shame and weight as it used to in the early days when a lot of misinformation was around, it is still something we rarely hear about, which is why i thought it was important to address it. Statistics South Africa had [...]

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