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They called me Scuba Steve…

So the Protea cricket team took on the Indians at Newlands in Cape Town this week - first of three tests. And we won convincingly, so that was fun. DRESSUP FOR NEWLANDS It has become a tradition for tbV and me with my friend MJ and whoever else might be with us [looking at you, American former housemates!] to pick a theme and go to the cricket dressed appropriately. So last time was Star Wars: [...]

The Good, The Bad and “You’re Ugly!”

It was the best of Social Medias, it was the worst of Social Medias. i mean, let's be honest, i don't tend towards being a 'go gently into that good night' kind of person when it comes to the online. Or the offline. Or an unattended chocolate fountain, to be honest, but that's just your fault wedding reception i wasn't even invited to! MMmm, cho-co-late fountain.... now, where was i? Oh yes, social media. Well [...]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (in the background)

Another photo challenge and this idea i really like - the thing that is not the thing - or the question of focus - is the thing in the foreground of the picture 'the thing' or are we meant to be keeping an eye on what is in the background? is it "both...and?" So many options and so i had to use three different pics which i feel increase in terms of degree or extent [...]

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pramnesia [which is why we got to pray, just to make it today]

"Just part one ocean in front of me, once, God, and i will never doubt you again!" that's how i think sometimes. but a huge part of me knows it unlikely to be true. it wasn't enuff for the Israelites [a day later they were whining about water so God made  it appear out of a rock, then it was food and God made bread appear six days a week, then it was about the [...]

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what's the meta for?

one of my favourite random life statements that i made up years ago and that i unleash unwittingly [well, maybe a little wittingly] on the world every now and then is the one that goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it throw stones in glass houses." while it's true that i made it up, i didn't really give it a lot of thought until today, but if you give [...]

get to know your south african musos, part nick groves [pt i]

i am privileged to be friends with a lot of really talented people, especially in the area of music, and was recently inspired to write a series of blogs that showcase some of these people and their talent so that more people can hear what they are producing - this will take the form of a number of interviews with links provided so that you can go and check them out and first up is [...]

it's not stalking unless you're planning to kill someone

so i was at the beach yesterday which i really don’t do enough and was actually in the water (ditto) which was amazingly warm (or maybe amazingly warm for cape town beach water – i am not really a swimmer type person usually because i find the water too cold but here i had to be in to watch the kids and it was surprisingly not that bad) and i started to watch people i [...]

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