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Blogger’s Block Part III: White guilt and other things that are thrown.

Is white guilt a thing and should we have more of it? The third part of my Blogger's Block series prompt came courtesy of a Twitterer friend, Keri Stroebel who asked this: Why do so many white people attack other white people who are trying to be anti-racist? Why use the terms "white saviour", or accuse you having "white guilt" or even straight up call you a traitor to your race? i invited her [...]

Race with me: White guilt?

By now you have hopefully recognised that you have white privilege and moved to the place of acknowledging that white privilege is a thing in your life. So what now? This is where a lot of [angry] people start bringing up the idea of 'white guilt' which is what i want to tackle in this next video... because i don't think it's a thing: For more Race videos, click here [...]

Taboo Topics: Race – White Guilt – Meet Noloyiso Lange

I woke up on election day, my thumbs ready to be inked and itching to say something to challenge people to get up and vote seeing as a friend of mine  had just expressed disinterest in politics and thus voting itself. As I lay in bed contemplating if it would be better to sleep the morning away and vote later, my brother sent me a message; a speech  allegedly delivered by PW Botha in 1985. [...]

i benefit from apartheid

      a short while ago two South Africans sparked an international discussion about racism, guilt and responsibility when they printed and distributed forty t-shirts with the slogan 'I benefited from apartheid' written on them:               well-known political satirist Jonathan Shapiro [aka Zapiro] came up with this minimalistic but powerful cartoon which expressed his take on the matter:       are they right? yes, for sure, i definitely [...]

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