To Prosperity add Justice

This will be the last share of the chapter from Ron Sider’s super-challenging book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ [do yourselves a favour and get hold of a copy and let it ruin you in the best of ways!] We ended the last post with: The threat of a curse always accompanied the promise of blessing […]

Tossing the Greedy out of the Church

As we continue to seek out A Carefree Attitude Towards Possessions through the lens of Ron Sider’s challenging book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ let me go back a paragraph to remind us where we are and then continue with words i hope you will wrestle with and share with your friends: = = = = = Matthew, Mark and Luke all recall the terrible warning: “How hard it is for those who [...]

Poem: To Church

Just got back from an incredibly insane week with Creekside Church youth on Houseboats on Lake Shasta and had some time while i was there to stick some words together: To Church why run after what you can simply choose to be? oasis of mirage in a sun-drenched desert dessert of list-filled proportions served to you on an already full to bursting stomach. teasing... trying to slip the mask of your face over your face [...]

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Why i believe local church is not all of the answer

In Acts 7 in the bible, we read about the stoning of Stephen. Does anyone know what role Stephen had in the early church? Let me give you a clue: In Acts 6.5 we see him described as "a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit". So what did he do? Are we thinking pastor? Elder? Worship leader? Let me give you another clue: In Acts 6.8 we read that Stephen was "a man [...]

‘i, church’ – Searching for the Pulse of the Church

This year, the book i wrote, 'i, church' was published and you can read more about that over here. But being Sunday where many people around the world will be using that somewhat confusing statement of 'going to church' i thought it would be a good idea to post an extract from my book, particularly one aimed at all of the people who think church may be dying or already dead. SEARCHING FOR THE PULSE [...]

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i see black people…

This morning i went to hang out and church with the friendly people at Common Ground Wynberg. i have visited them a bunch of times since coming back from americaland because they have a vibe i really enjoy: very diverse congregation, black pastor [who i really like], some people i know and a whole bunch i don't, and usually just an exciting lifeness happening with children movement and French translations and people who move as they sing, [...]

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‘i, church’ – gather round for conversations about church

For those of you who have been following the book launch tour we have now had four different launches: one at Vovo Telo and one at the Warehouse in Cape Town, one out Stellenbosch way and recently another in Durban.   What i have discovered along the way is that my favourite part at every single launch was the Q & A time we scheduled in the middle of it. Opportunities for people [...]

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What concerns you, concerns me

So i think i have a different understanding and idea of church than a number of people i know. And my picture of what church is feels a lot bigger, rather than smaller, than some other peoples. i am not saying that the Sunday church local congregation vibe is not church, but i am suggesting that maybe it is more than that. One example for me has always been so-called 'para-church' organisations like Scripture Union and [...]

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