Poem: Erection time

Electoral quicksand Dragging me under So slowly it is barely noticeable Political tricks and Hypnotic suggestion that only Two paths lead safely away One that has been walked on For years and does well (for everyone who possesses shoes) - - While the sharts of class Continue to slice the defeat Of those whose homes Have just been repossessed to the back of yet another Public Protector vehicle To ensure they sea this point [...]

The City of Cape Town and the DA that works for no, not you…

It's the end of the DA as we know it [or is it a realisation of the DA as they have always been?] i don't tend to write overtly political posts on here. Well, a lot of what i write is political but i mean with regards to specific political parties. But somehow that has changed during lockdown.  It started with a post about a story i heard about when a crowd of homeless [...]

Blessed are DA homeless… until we step on them!

This has been a week of two stories when it comes to the homeless people of Cape Town or those who tend to live on the streets. Earlier this week i was encouraged and inspired to see testimony from the St Peters microsite that has been created to take care of around ten homeless men during lockdown. Which you can and should read about over here. A number of my friends are involved there [...]

Amplify your voice with regards to the homeless…

Cape Town friends, and further afield [cos this is a time for us to stand together in solidarity] If you are reading this post, you likely started out by reading this one and if not maybe give it a quick look. Let me add right now that there are some conflicting reports going around and a very good friend of mine went in to visit with a delegation and produced a Live video afterwards [...]

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Before you bite into that chocolate…

It is Good Friday today. But very much the opposite of that in the Strandfontein sports facility where the homeless have been rounded up and moved. "It is like a concentration camp!" - these are words i just heard from a social worker who has been volunteering in the encampment where tents have been erected and none of the physical distancing that we have all been called to do is happening at all. She [...]

who i voted for…

i am busy trying to get inspired to write some more of my book which looks like it is heading towards the end quadrant of it's being writtenment [just for you, Lisa!] and i have half an eye on Twitter where @sharnefinn and @mattnixonjames are keeping me well upto date on how well the DA is doing most places... my other half eye and click finger keep bouncing to the game of http://www.news24.com/maps which has [...]

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