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The City of Cape Town and the DA that works for no, not you…

It's the end of the DA as we know it [or is it a realisation of the DA as they have always been?] i don't tend to write overtly political posts on here. Well, a lot of what i write is political but i mean with regards to specific political parties. But somehow that has changed during lockdown.  It started with a post about a story i heard about when a crowd of homeless [...]

story of hope – please take a moment and read, pass on…

wow, someone sent me the link to this article written by helen zille about two matrics - Asavela Rawe ('a 17-year old boy, who lives in a backyard shack with his single mother and three siblings, and achieved 7 distinctions in matric, including 97%for Higher Grade Mathematics and the top award in the Western Cape for Life Sciences') and his friend Monde Simbosini ('three distinctions and 98% for Higher Grade Mathematics') - from Masibambane high [...]

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oh shucks it's trigger happy

was it just me or did anyone else watching the latest Leon Shuster movie notice the two BLATANT thieveries he committed from that brilliant show 'Trigger Happy' from the UK [think man in snail suit crawling across pedestrian crossing in front of a growing irate stream of traffic or else people in giant animal suits beating each other up and of course the giant cellphone and nokia ringtone - "HELLO, WHAT? NO I'M IN A [...]

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