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Make South Africa great again!

Make South Africa great? When Donald Trump runs a campaign with the slogan, "Make Americaland great again!" a large majority of white Americans cheer, because they have grown up with the notion that America is the greatest country on earth and with crime and unemployment and some other issues on the rise, we clearly just need to get it back to where it was. Black America is not so sure. "Great again" like when Jim [...]

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Dear Bloggers of Undetermined Colour

So this past week all the bloggers of colour have been writing to all the other bloggers of other colour but since they do not know each other personally [maybe the main problem?] they are simply sticking them on their blog for mostly people of their own colour to read and cheer and like and comment on... although every now and then a person of the other colour stumbles upon it and makes themselves known... [...]