Erik… [with a K]

When i was living in Americaland for three years, i came up with a series of You Tube videos that i called 'Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect' in which my alter ego, Brad Fish, would take a topic you would not normally consider dangerous - like ice-cream or camping or violins - and explain why it could be seen as a 'Dangerous Thing You Can Least Expect'... i was Suzelle DIY before she was [...]

Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – part Laughing With not At

The first of our Aaron Fullerton journey stories was published two years ago and is reblogged with permission: The original title: Laughing With Cancer, Not At It: When Lance Armstrong fell from grace a few weeks ago, I didn’t really care. I’ve always appreciated him for the icon he is, for the modern miracle of his health and success, but when I think of Lance Armstrong, I think of three things: bracelets, Michelob Ultra, and [...]

Taboo Topic: Cancer – Journeying with Aaron [Testicular Cancer] – Intro

This is going to be a little bit of a different one. i 'met' Aaron online, as much as you can 'meet' anyone online [i think you can] and i don't even remember how although it might have been through Hashtag Game tweets or some other comedy moment. And we got chatting, which is a little strange for strangers on Twitter. And especially when it turned out that one of the strangers is a writer [...]

The Zombie Cow, the Cactus Milk tattooist and the plants that go “Ni” [well, almost]

Close to 13 years of doing Improv with Megan Furniss and differing amounts of years with the rest of this crazy bunch i usually get to hang with on a Monday evening. Making stuff up. And to be absolutely honest, i had been getting a little tired of the same old formula, week in, week out, and so when i was about to leave for a month to go overseas again, in one sense i [...]

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10 ways to ask for a demotion or pay cut at work

Let's face it, with the way the economy is going these days, you could easily find yourself caught in that awkward place of having just been snuck over the line into the next tax bracket and suddenly being expected to hand over all your hard-earned money to government. Ain't nobody got time for that. So i completely had you in mind when i thought of these: 10 FOOL-PROOF WAYS TO ASK FOR A DEMOTION OF [...]

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Abbott and Costello and Pearls Before Baseball ‘n Roll

Is this the best ever Pearls before Swine cartoon strip ever made? Quite possibly yes although it does require you have a bit of a history of foreknowledge to fully appreciate it. And to be honest, as much as i knew the skit it comes from, i had never watched the original til this very moment and it is incredible. Abbott and Costello and if you haven't seen this, do yourself a favour - this [...]

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You can be anything you want to be

i posted this a few years ago when i had a Weekly Mash blog going on, but thought it was worthy of a place on Irresistibly Fish as it is one picture that never fails to make me smile a lot and usually laugh out loud [which is unusual for me - normally an inside laugher] i hope it might have that effect on some of you. you know as a child, many well-meaning adults [...]

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That what he [Terry Pratchett] said.

if you don't know who Terry Pratchett is, then you should probably administer yourself a slap to the head. come on... do it... there, you go. much better Terry Pratchett is a man who i have never met [altho he did email me once] who has kept me thoroughly entertained for, oh since about 1983 when his first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was published and 40 novels later [as well as others not [...]

Pearls before Glass

you probably have to be a regular reader of Pearls [before Swine] and an appreciator of the croc and 'Zeeba' dynamic to appreciate this one... but if you are then you will dig it - snuck into my inbox while i was in South Africa... [For a Pearls before Swine cartoon depicting the great intellect - not-so-much - of Pig, click here] [For a Pearls before Swine strip one listening well, click here]

on why rape [and violence to women in general] HAS to be taken seriously, part 2: Twitter

then, in case that was not enough, i got involved in my first 'fight' on the Twitter... [i know, too many people surprised it took me this long, it is possible i just forgot any others that occurred] it revolved around the hash tag #SafetyTipsForLadies which someone that i followed tweeted and so i went to the link and read a bunch of them and was horrified by the way they seemed to be dealing [...]

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