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Let’s make this Christmas the best one yet

Those who know me well know that one of the ways i count the success of a year is how late in the year i hear my first Christmas Carol [holding thumbs - still not there!] But looks like i am the 'there is always one' this time around as we have barely crawled our way into October and i am already bringing up Christmas? Well, i know not everyone is a champion leave-it-all-for-the-night-before-and-then-go-on-a-panic-shopping-spree guy [...]

how to thrash your Christmas in 2010

an excerpt from this week's thort for the week that i send out with some ways you can really have a great Christmas... The bottom line is you can get creative – i will share a few ideas here but it doesn’t take a brain scientist to work this out – look after the poor, needy, lonely, sick in some way this Christmas and share Christ’s love in action... [1] Present-giving – as our main [...]

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